Friday, August 26, 2011

How to Change Membership Status with the Philippines Social Security System

The latest revision of SSS RS-5 form
The benefits of being a member of the Philippines Social Security System or SSS is one of the things I want to continue enjoying even if I'm already out of the corporate world.  Any employee of private companies who are not yet 60 years of age but decided to stay-at-home just like me can still continue to be a member of SSS and enjoy its benefits by changing the membership status from "employed member" to "voluntary member".

To change one's membership status to voluntary member, simply fill out the SSS RS-5 form which is available in any SSS branch office or download it from their website then just pay the total monthly contribution (employer and employee share) in any banks which are authorized to collect SSS payments.  The payment will be automatically credited to your account ... no need to submit the receipt of payment to SSS office for validation just like the way years ago.  You can always check your contribution by registering to My.SSS.

Just remember that the deadline of remittance for voluntary member's contribution is on or before the 20th day of the month following the applicable month or quarter. 

For the schedule of member's monthly contribution, please click here.


  1. Thanks for the info.

  2. hello,, i need some advice ..last 2009 pa po kc nastop ung contribution nung father ko ,,according po sa mga nabasa ko regarding contribution from employed to voluntary..anytime naman dw pwede..but the question is kelan po makuqualified yung application tru online ..? thank you

  3. Hello ... Anong application online yong nire-refer mo? Sa experience ko kasi, wala na akong inapply pa uli basta nagbayad lang ako sa bangko using RS-5 form. Basta may SSS number ka na, maki-credit naman yong binayad mo don. Pag nag-check ka nga lang ng contributions mo on-line, medyo mabagal mag-reflect, mga 1 month pa after ka nagbayad saka sya ma-reflect.