Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Received My Adgitize First Payment

At last, three months after I became a publisher/affiliate of Adgitize Ad Network, I received my first payment.  Wow, it took me that long to reach the minimum payout of 10 dollars while others do it for only a month.  Well, what would I expect.  I was not active in adgitizing these past months and my posts were not that regular. 

Even if it took me that long to reach the minimum payout, I'm happy because I have received my first earnings from blogging and that is through Adgitize.

So friends if you have not yet signed up to Adgitize, why not give it a try.  Visit their website and learn more on how you can earn from being a publisher and affiliate with no cash out on your side or you can advertise your blog for a minimal fee and watch your traffic grow.

To Adgitize Ad Network, thank you so much and more power.

Happy blogging everyone.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan's Greatest Earthquake

I learned about the earthquake that happened in Japan at around 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon Philippine time when I received an e-mail from a friend asking us to pray for all people in Japan especially our colleagues assigned in our main office in Yokohama because they are experiencing a big earthquake at that time.  Not just an ordinary earthquake (occurrence of earthquake is just an ordinary thing in Japan), but a really big one.

Minutes after I received that e-mail, news, pictures and videos of what happened in Japan was already circulating in the internet and tsunami warnings were advised in different countries including the Philippines.

As of this writing, aftershocks and large scale fires are still on-going especially in the city of Sendai as per BBC's news.  It's really scary.

Let's keep on praying for the safety of all the people who are still in danger brought about by the effects of this devastating earthquake that happened today in Japan.

God bless us all.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's A Cloudy Day Today

It's March and it's supposed to be the start of the summer season but today it doesn't feel like it.  It's cloudy the whole day and it was even raining in the morning.

I was supposed to jog around our place and do some hoops at the basketball court (just practicing for our coming basketball shooting at the office) but it was showering early in the morning so I just contented myself by jogging around the parking area at the ground level of the condo building we are residing.  At least I was able to sweat it out today.

After breakfast hubby and I went to the wet market because our refrigerator was already empty, we don't have anything to cook for lunch.  We can actually just go for the canned ones but I was craving for some beans so even if it's raining, off we went to the market.  Boiled beans really tastes good when the weather is cool.

We found the beans I wanted but instead of cooking it for lunch, hubby cooked the mussels and shrimp instead.  Haaay .... Anyway, it was long ago since we ate mussels so I still enjoyed our lunch and also the children they really enjoyed the shrimp ... their favorite.

Outside, the weather didn't change.  It's still cloudy with light showers from time to time.  It's kind of gloomy with this type of weather so after lunch while hubby and the children were watching tv, I went to our bedroom to do some dropping and adgitizing.  Inside the room I smelled  a sweet smell of flowers so I looked where it came from and I discovered that the mango tree just outside our bedroom window was already full of flowers and the scent was just so wonderful.  I enjoyed watching the birds hovering around the tree and it's really amazing how such simple sights uplift my spirit.

Have a great weekend everyone.