Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Received My Adgitize First Payment

At last, three months after I became a publisher/affiliate of Adgitize Ad Network, I received my first payment.  Wow, it took me that long to reach the minimum payout of 10 dollars while others do it for only a month.  Well, what would I expect.  I was not active in adgitizing these past months and my posts were not that regular. 

Even if it took me that long to reach the minimum payout, I'm happy because I have received my first earnings from blogging and that is through Adgitize.

So friends if you have not yet signed up to Adgitize, why not give it a try.  Visit their website and learn more on how you can earn from being a publisher and affiliate with no cash out on your side or you can advertise your blog for a minimal fee and watch your traffic grow.

To Adgitize Ad Network, thank you so much and more power.

Happy blogging everyone.

1 comment:

  1. If you want to earn in Adgitize in one month....I suggest you advertise, be active everyday and post every other day. That's what I did before I went back to school. Advertising at Adgitize gives you points because everytime your badge is clicked you get points too. I earn between $22 to $35 each month then just with Adgitize.