Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Fun at Splash Island

Picture taking at the Splash Island entrance while waiting for the others.
Last Saturday, my family and I went to Splash Island together with some of my officemates.  It was a treat from our friend Val.  Thank you Baldo, we really had a great time.

For the kids, it's their first time to visit Splash Island but for me and my husband, it's already our third time but still, we enjoy the rides Splash Island has to offer.

If you're not brave enough to try the rides, you can just waddle at the pool of "Agos Grandes" and wait for the scheduled operation of machine generated waves or you can get on a rubber ride at "Balsa River" and drift along a gently flowing river.  There's always something to do for everyone.

The resort's operation is from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM but the rides has it's own schedule of operation so better acquaint yourself with the rides' schedule so you can plan your activities.  The schedule changes depending on the season so it is better to call them first if you have any plans of going to Splash Island.  You can get their numbers on the brochure I will attach at the end of this post.

Bringing of food and beverages inside the resort are strictly prohibited, bags are checked at the entrance.   Anyway there are restaurants and food kiosks inside so you will always have something to eat or drink.  Just don't forget to bring extra money.

Christine having fun at Splash Island's "Water Wahoo", she just can't leave this kiddie pool.

CJ imitating a statue in front of the resto.

Christine and I enjoying the "Twisted Palms" slide.
A short but heart stopping slide at Splash Island's "Big Bamboo".
My husband and kids playing at the big pool "Agos Grandes" while waiting for the scheduled artificial wave.

CJ doing his sun bathing at "Agos Grandes"

Christine enjoying the slide at "Twin Coco Knots", a slide designed for kids.
CJ also enjoyed the slide at "Twin Coco Knots". 
Taking some rest at the "Balsa River"
A family ride at "Rio Montanosa".
 Aside from the slides, Splash Island also offers activities for team building.  We divided our group into two and we had a little competition.  We played games I never played before including wall climbing.  A very tiring activity but was really fun.

Team 1 getting ready for the "bamboo game". 

Team 1 and Team 2 in action ... "Plastic rolling game?"

Team 1 and Team 2 in action ... "Sleigh game?"
And the last, wall climbing....

Me and my husband, outdoing each other.
Seconds later, I was left behind
Minutes later, the second climber of Team 2 already on her fairness I'm already on my way down.  I have reached the top, and I'm so proud of what I have accomplished.
Our day at Splash Island was really fun although Christine was a little disappointed because she haven't tried the other slides such as "Magellan's drop",  "King Pilipit", "Dos Supremos" and "Rio Montanosa".  But that's okay, I assured her that we will be coming back.  Anyway, Splash Island is just a less than hour drive from our place so definitely we will be coming back for more.

For more information on Splash Island, please browse their brochure on this link.

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