Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tony Roma's Adventure

Picture from Tony Roma's Website
Last week I met with some of my friends whom I have not seen for some time.  Actually, we just work in the same office but we seldom see each other because we belong to different departments and our work stations are located on different floors of the building.  We just communicate through e-mails.

After some time of discussing as to where we are going to have our dinner, one of my friends suggested that we try Tony Roma's.  I remember when we were still assigned in Japan, we passed by a Tony Roma's place and she had mentioned that she really wanted to dine in this place but we never had a chance because aside from being expensive, it's hard to communicate.

This time, we're here in Manila, no more communication barriers and we have some money to splurge (occasionally).  At last, we conquered you Tony Roma's. 

Looking at the menu book, it's easy to pick what we want because each menu is briefly described.  Our only problem is that we don't know how big is the serving of each menu so we asked the waiter for some advice.  After some question and answer portion, we ordered 1 full serving of Sonoma Salad, full slab of The Original Baby Back Ribs and The Roma Feast.  The two entrees are served with two side dishes.  There are different choices of side dishes  and we chose corn on the cob, coleslaw and baked potato.

When our order was served, our eyes popped because what was said which is ideal to be shared by two can really be shared by four.  It was really a challenge for us to finish all the food in front of us but in the end, we lose ... but there's nothing to worry, taking home of left overs is always an option.

Sonoma Salad
The salad is so crisp and fresh, the chicken is tender and tasty and the dressing is delicious.  The taste of chopped nuts was an added flavor.

The Roma Feast and The Original Baby Back Ribs
The Roma Feast includes Carolina Honey Ribs (a little sweet flavor), delicious chicken BBQ, a little spicy sausage, corn on the cob and coleslaw.  I just can't decide what to pick first.  Hmmm .... delicious!

The Original Baby Back Ribs is mouth watering, so tender and moist.  If I had an additional space in my stomach, I can finish the full slab of this ribs.

All in all, our experience at Tony Roma's was really great.  Real value for our money ... great food ... great service ... great ambiance.  Everything's great.  The bonding time with my friends was perfect.

Looking forward for my next visit and this time, I will try their char-grilled steaks.

It's eating time
 Special thanks to Leo for bringing his camera.  Lesson for a starting blogger like me ... always have a camera ready.  Blogs with pictures are always interesting to visit.

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