Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bring Your Own Bag/Bayong "BYOB" Campaign in Muntinlupa City

My re-usable and handy shopping bags

It's the 18th of January and it's the first day of the implementation of Muntinlupa City's municipal ordinance which prohibits the use of plastic bags in all establishments located in this city. They have this campaign called BYOB (Bring your own bag/bayong).  I saw the announcements posted at Alabang Public Market but I never really paid attention to it.

Today, after office hours, I stopped by Starmall at Alabang to buy some grocery items at Robinson's Supermarket and I was surprised that it's not a payday and yet the queue at the cashier's counters were long and slow and most of the shoppers included a re-usable bag in their shopping basket/cart.  I then realized that the "BYOB" campaign was implemented.

Instead of plastic bags, items were placed in brown paper bags then placed on the re-usable bags brought by the shoppers.  This makes the baggers a little slow in packing the items thus causing the long lines at the cashier's counters.  Anyway this is just the first day of the "BYOB" campaign and hopefully the baggers and the shoppers will get used to this new system and everything will return to normal once again.

I totally support this campaign and I hope this won't just last for a few days but instead become a habit of every shopper so that little by little, the use of plastic bags will be eliminated.  Hopefully manufacturers will also take the steps to minimize the use of plastic products in their packaging.

Plastic bags/products is the number one culprit in clogging our drainage system which causes flood in most areas and minimizing the use of these plastic bags will reduce the possibilities of irresponsible disposal of these items.

Let's all do our share in taking care our beloved Mother Earth.  Support this campaign, always bring your own re-usable bag when shopping.

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  1. Yup! yup! Im also one of those BYOB followers! Now when going to SM Muntinlupa, I always bring with me my Stylish Bayong Bag! hehe