Sunday, January 30, 2011

Citizen's Vigilance: A Key to Counter Terrorism

Days after a bomb exploded inside a passenger bus along EDSA which killed at least 5 people, police forces are now on red alert ... tight security are being implemented on crowded places like malls, transport terminals and the like.

I appreciate the efforts being made by the police forces to protect the citizens against any acts of terrorism but I think depending only on them is not enough.  We, the people are the ones directly affected by these acts.  Anytime, anywhere, we can be a victim so we should do our part to counter terrorism.  Be alert, be observant, always look out for any unusual activities going on around us and report it to proper authorities.  We should be the extended eyes and ears of our police forces.

It is great to live in a peaceful and safe environment and we can only achieve this if we work hand in hand with the proper authorities.  Above all, let us not forget to pray and ask for God's protection. 

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  1. The world doesn't feel safe anymore sometimes. Minsan nga nakaupo ka lng sa bahay tapos bigla bigla ka nlng tamaan ng kung ano-ano.