Friday, June 24, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away

It’s been raining for days now and though I love the cooler temperature that the rain brings, I also dread the flood that brought about by continuous raining.

Flood makes life miserable for almost everyone … the danger it gives to people’s lives and the damage it can do to properties are just enormous that people are now anxious once rainy season sets in.

Yesterday, Metro Manila was once again flooded because of the monsoon rain intensified by typhoon “Falcon” which was hitting northern Luzon.  Many major roads were flooded which resulted to heavy traffic and a lot of commuters were stranded on the road.  Public utility vehicles were scarce that one of my friends even went back to the office and spent the night there.

I was caught in the traffic for two hours and once again I waded on an ankle-deep flood waters (I’m still blessed because I saw on television that others were wading a chest-deep high flood waters).  In as much that I don’t want to wade on flood waters because of the scare of leptospirosis that hit me just a few weeks ago, I really have no choice.  I just hope and pray that I won’t have that flu once again which prompts doctors to treat you as leptospirosis case once you tell them that you have waded on flood waters.

Anyway, I reached our home safely and immediately I took a warm bath and drank salabat (boiled water with ginger) after.  It’s one way of keeping my body warm after being drenched in rain water for some time.  

Today the weather is not yet okay so hubby and I decided to just take a leave for the day and I’m happy that we did because heavy rain still falls from time to time and for sure it will be hard to commute once again.

I hope tomorrow would be a clear day so that flood waters will subside especially in low lying areas which were greatly affected by the flood.  So please, rain, rain go away …in as much that we need you, too much of you doesn’t serve us good as well.

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  1. The flood was knee-high in our area. Good to read that you got home safe. Take care always.