Wednesday, June 29, 2011

PLDT, What Takes you so Long

It’s been three days since our telephone/internet connection was down.  It will be its 4th day today and it’s not yet restored.  I have already contacted the customer service of PLDT last Sunday and the operator said that he will log the problem and have it scheduled for line check.

Since Monday and every day after that, my husband called PLDT to follow-up on the status and all he can hear from the operator is that, the problem has been logged and is just awaiting action.  Haaay … what a lousy service for a big company such as PLDT. 

We also encountered the same problem last year, it was around November and it also took days before their service was restored.  I blogged about it so I can keep track of how many times PLDT DSL service bogs down in a year.  So far since we started using their service (since 2007), we have experienced service interruption at least twice a year and usually it comes after a strong typhoon hits Metro Manila.

I don’t have any problem with that because I understand that even the best system is not free from any problem once natural calamities strike.  What I just want to ask PLDT is for them to strengthen and make their technical services as fast as possible so that customers won’t experience a prolonged downtime.     

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