Sunday, February 6, 2011

Treating Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcer or "singaw" in Filipino brings a lot of discomfort especially if you're eating or talking.  The pain varies depending on its size and location in your mouth.  So far, the most painful experience I had with mouth ulcer was when it developed under my tongue.  I really had a hard time talking and eating then but still it didn't stop me from eating ... LOL. 

Recently I had bitten my lower lip and after a few days a mouth ulcer developed in that area.   At first the pain was tolerable but because the membrane around the sore was inflamed, I had accidentally bitten the inflamed area causing the sore to become bigger and more painful.

When I feel that the pain is already growing, my usual remedy is to put salt on the sore ... yes you read it right ...  I put salt on the sore.  If you ask me if it hurts?  Definitely, it hurts ... just imagine putting salt on an open wound.

Putting salt on the sore really hurts that I just close my eyes and clench my fist until I feel the salt melting on the sore and the pain slowly fades away.  It's an instant relief.  Of course the sore is still there but there's no more pain so you'll just wait for the sore to heal which takes for a few more days.

Every year I developed mouth ulcer more than once so I made a reading on this subject and I learned that mouth ulcers are triggered by stress, infections, low immune system and accidental damage from biting and scalding foods.  Oh, stress ... it's always on the list of causing certain illness.

There are available drugs for mouth ulcers in the market but I think I'm already satisfied with using salt to relieve the pain and just let the sore heal by itself, however, if the sore becomes larger and more painful despite treatment, it would be best to seek professional help.


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  2. Ouch, ouch. It is not only painful to have a mouth ulcer, I'm not able to eat for fear of more pain. Get well soon.

  3. it's my dilemma too :( anyway, thanks for the info :) following you back :)