Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Problem With PLDT Telephone and Internet Line

Our telephone and internet connection at home was out of service since Sunday, November 21.  My husband contacted our service provider – PLDT, and the customer service in-charge said that he already sent a repair ticket to their technical group, in other words, checking and repair of our line is now in their list.
Tuesday came and it was already 24 hours since my husband reported the problem.  I tried to contact our number so I can talk with the kids but still all I can hear is a busy tone.   I texted my husband and requested him to make a follow up call to PLDT.  Once again the customer service in-charge told him that the repair ticket was on queue.
Today, it’s Wednesday and still we have no connection.  My husband called their hotline this morning and still the response is the same.  I’m a little impatient so I also contacted their customer service and guess what’s their response… of course same as what they told my husband with some apologies on the side.  So there’s nothing more we can do but to wait until they finished fixing the problem.  Until when? … I really have no idea.
For now, I just use our internet at the office during break time so I can write this post but aside from that, there’s nothing else I can do.  No entrecard, no adgitize, I can’t even reply to comments on my blog.  Haaaay, life.  There are a lot of restrictions in our internet system here that a lot of websites are blocked, but it’s understandable, internet here should be for official use only and it’s just fortunate that blogger was not blocked.
I hope PLDT technical group can find the problem soon so they can repair it and hopefully bring our telephone and internet connection at home back to normal again … the sooner, the better.    


  1. PLDT has the busiest service hotline i have ever encountered. i can't connect a call without having to wait for at least half an hour because, as the recording says, 'our customer service representative is busy attending to other calls right now... blah blah'

    i usually press HF and put the phone down. that's time-saving.

  2. It happened to me once at PLDT too, when on the nth time that I called and received the same response, I raised my voice and inaway ko talaga ung nasa kabilang line, after that, a repairman came and my phone was repaired.. :D

  3. @ Ishi
    I used PLDT txtpress to contact them. You just have to text a "PLDT HELP" to 77171 and after a few texts, a customer service operator will contact you.

    @ Josie
    That was what I'm planning to do...tatarayan na sila but I was not able to do kasi mabait naman ang kausap ko so pinagpasensyahan ko na lang.