Sunday, June 20, 2010

Celebrating Father's Day 2010

It's the 3rd Sunday of June, a special day dedicated for all fathers, the head of our family.

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all fathers especially to the three special men in my life, my father, my brother who is a father to two energetic boys and of course to my husband who is the father of our two adorable kids.

My father already joined our creator a long time ago and I don't have that much memories with him but one thing I'm sure is that.......he loved me and my little brother.

To celebrate this special day, we started the day by attending the morning mass and because it's father's day, the priest's homily is of course related to all fathers.  The priest reiterated the importance of the special gift fathers can give their children, and that is, their TIME.  Time is so precious nowadays that fathers are so occupied with their jobs that time for the family had been sacrificed, so it is a very big challenge for fathers to find time to be with their kids, play with them, talk to them or just listen to them. The homily was really enlightening not only to the fathers but to the whole family as well.

After hearing the mass, we decided to just spend the day at home, watched Wall-E for the nth time on Disney channel, prepared items needed for our kids' school tomorrow and my hubby and children had their nap while I'm working on this post.

For our lunch, we called for a food delivery from North Park.  We enjoyed their chow mien, yang chow, soft tofu vegetable stir fry and lechon Macao....yummy. 

Chow Mien
Fan Chow

Soft Tofu Vegetable Stir Fy
Lechon Macao

It's just a simple way of celebrating father's day but for the kids, it's already a treat for them.  It's really that simple to please children and make them happy. Hearing a lot of  "I love you" and getting a lot of hugs from them already brightens up our day.

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