Thursday, June 3, 2010

Two Year Old Smoking Expert

What’s happening to this world? Another case of irresponsible parenting or just plain ignorance of the health hazard issues of smoking?

When I first heard about this featured news on ABS-CBN, I thought it was just a plain fun just for the sake of having a video of a two-year old puffing cigarette and making buzz in Youtube world. But just the same I was intrigued and searched for the video in Youtube.

The original video is now a hit, having 2,427,572  views as of this writing. I watched the full length video and I was shocked. There you see a two year old boy puffing cigarette in front of all grown-ups and children.  Nobody even tried to stop him.

It’s just like an ordinary thing for him….observe how he holds the cigarette…he’s an expert. Just take a look and see for your self.  Here is the link: Two Year Old Indonesian smoker. Sorry I'd like to embed the video in this blog but I just can't get the the instructions right.

I’ve learned from the news that this video already caught the attention of people in the World Health Organization (WHO)….they should be…we should be…..a lot of information campaign are going on to inform people of the hazard of cigarette smoking and yet you'll see more people smoking and worst, they're getting younger and younger, just like this case, only 2 years old.  Haaay........

I hope and pray that all parents will be enlightened and be responsible enough to raise their kids well.  Children are blessings and they should be loved and cared for.

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  1. i also saw this video and it shocked and saddens me =( and the worst part is that it was his dad who taught him to smoke. parents really have a powerful influence to their kids. i hope every parent who'll read your post will take your advise to be responsible parents.