Friday, June 25, 2010

A Heart Pounding Bus Ride at EDSA

After a long time, I have again experienced a heart pounding bus ride at EDSA.  It's been three years since we transferred to our new residence in Taguig and since then my route going to the office in Alabang was changed.

Before our transfer, my everyday travel includes a bus ride along EDSA and South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), from Buendia to Alabang.  I usually ride on non air conditioned bus primarily because they don't stay that long at bus stops to pick up passengers and most of these non air conditioned bus drivers drives like crazy that we reach Alabang at no time....just what I need so I won't be late for work.  It was really a scary ride but somehow I gotten used to it.

Last night, I had again the chance to ride the non air conditioned bus from Sucat to Guadalupe and same as three years ago, the driver still drives like crazy.  There are even instances when the bus ran side by side with other buses with only a very small space between  them....whooo... I'm holding my breath and tighten my grasp on the bus' bench every time the driver did that.  With the way the driver maneuvers the bus, I really have to hold tight otherwise I'd be out of my seat every time he steps on the break and change lanes.  Maybe I'm not just used to that kind of driving anymore because I looked at other passengers and they seemed relaxed.

I wonder where and how these drivers got their license... with the way they are driving, they are very prone to accidents.  Have they ever heard of the word road courtesy? 

It's good that MMDA had allotted a yellow lane for all these buses, otherwise driving along EDSA would be very dangerous for small cars.

Anyway, I reached my destination safely but if I have a choice, I won't ever ride these non air conditioned buses again and I hope I will always have a choice.

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