Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Son's Creative Imagination

CJ my four year old son loves making something out of anything he sees interesting.  He plays with clothes hangers and makes butterfly figures, he ties handkerchiefs or plastic bags and he forms a fish figure.

This morning, he saw a plastic bag of ice drop sticks.  Those were extra ice drop  sticks my daughter used for her math subject last year.  He asked me if he could play with the sticks and I let him so he'll be busy and stop meddling with what I'm doing.

At first he was quite then after a while he called me to see what he have done.  Using the ice drop sticks, he formed a figure of a girl with long hair.  He told me it's his Ate (older sister) Christine.  I gave him a bond paper and asked him to transfer what he have done on the bond paper so we can see the figure clearly and we can take pictures of what he did.

CJ's masterpiece

CJ did a little mess because he broke some of the ice drop sticks but it's okay, he only showed his creativity and he had fun doing it.

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