Monday, November 29, 2010

It's A Food Trip Sunday

Today is a Sunday and it's a family day.  After attending the 8:00 o'clock mass, the children begged for us to go to the mall.  Okay, since it's been weeks after our last visit to the mall, my husband and I gave in to their wishes.

We went to Bonifacio High Street located at Taguig global city.  We haven't brought the children there yet and even I just went there once with friends.  The place is beautiful, it's a park and business center rolled into one.  A kilometer of beautiful landscape at the center with retail stores and restaurants/coffee shops on both sides.

Since it was still early, the retail stores are still closed but the coffee shops are already open and my husband and children just can't resist the lure of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.  We already had our breakfast at home so the doughnuts were just for dessert ... okay, well it's just a way of justifying our need for the doughnuts.  Anyway, looking at the pictures, you can't tell that the children have already eaten their breakfast.  It is as if it's their first meal after a long hours of starvation.

 After the doughnut treat, it's time to walk around, play and take some pictures.  There's just a lot of space for children to run around without disturbing the shopaholics.

Time was really fast and once again, it's time for lunch.  The children were hungry again, as usual, so we decided to try Red Kimono, a Japanese Restaurant located just a walking distance from Bonifacio High Street.  It's a first time for the children to eat in a Japanese Restaurant and thanks to Sukiyaki and Tempura, the children enjoyed their meal.

My little boy doesn't need any assistance as long as he have his noodles without the vegetables.

 For me and my husband, the food trip did not stop there.  We were invited to a dinner party so after taking the children home and taking a little rest, we went to Tong Yang, a shabu-shabu restaurant where the party was held.  It's a buffet type restaurant.

There were a lot of food choices, there are already cooked foods and of course there are ones which we can cook on our table (the very idea of a shabu-shabu).  My husband did all the choosing of foods to be cooked for our shabu-shabu and he picked only fish, mushrooms and a lot of green vegetables.  There are still a lot of ingredients for shabu-shabu to choose from but we have to control ourselves, we even skipped the rice and noodles so we won't get our digestive system into trouble.

There were two types of stocks served for the shabu-shabu, the dark one was spicy.

There's also a grill pot where we grilled some fish and thin slices of pork.
Our food intake was really stretched to the maximum level today and I feel like dieting for the whole week ...  maybe, just fruits?  Okay, I'll just decide about that tomorrow.

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