Friday, July 22, 2011

Nutrition Month

I received a text message from our house helper telling me that CJ’s school will be celebrating the nutrition month next week and in line with this, there will be a presentation where all their students will be participating.  This time, the students will wear a fruit/vegetable costume.

At first, she gave me the vegetables and fruits to choose from but later on she told me that the teacher asked if CJ can wear an onion costume.  Well, I said yes.  Anyway, it is nutrition month and it’s good that children will know that there are other fruits and vegetables which are also beneficial to their health aside from the common fruits and vegetables they know.  My children doesn’t consider onion as a vegetable, in fact, whenever they see slices of onion on their viand, they always see to it that it is taken out of their plate.  It is as if they have seen dirt on their food.  So I’m happy that the teacher will showcase not only the common vegetables and fruits in their program but also those which are not usually eaten by children and adults.  One example of that is onion. Click here for more health benefits onion has to offer.  

As for the costume, I don’t plan to buy one this year.  For the past years, we bought costumes for the children’s activities in school and now they are just clogging our cabinets so this year, I’m planning to just make their costumes and make use of my husband’s talent for drawing and maybe we can save on some money for this children’s one day activities.   

I already have an idea in mind and we’ll just see what I can do with this costume this weekend. 

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