Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Umbrellas Are Prohibited to be Hand Carried Inside Passenger Planes

In case you have to travel by air especially this rainy season, be sure to put your umbrellas inside your check in baggage otherwise it will be confiscated by the airport authorities.  I think this is just a new ruling because last April we went to Iloilo and I have my folded umbrella inside my hand carried bag and there was no problem with it.

Two weeks ago, I went to Cebu and I was surprised when the check-in attendant told me that umbrellas are not allowed to be hand carried inside the plane.  There is also a notice posted on check-in counter.

It was a problem for me because I have a folded umbrella inside my small bag and since I booked a "no check-in baggage" from Cebu Pacific, I can't check-in any baggage.  Of course, I really intended not to check-in any baggage since I'll be staying in  Cebu for just two days so I'll just be bringing a small bag.

I asked the check-in attendant if they can consider checking in my umbrella, she told me that they can but with an additional fee of 400 pesos because it is considered as an excess baggage.  Wow, that was really harsh ... just for a small umbrella they will charge me with 400 pesos?  I asked if they have any storage facility where I can just leave my umbrella and I'll just get it back after two days.  She directed me to an airport storage area but to my dismay, they charge a per hour rate ... it will cost me more than an excess baggage charge.

Determined not to pay anything for my umbrella, I just put it back in my bag.  At the scanning area, just before going to the assigned departure gate for my flight, the scanner of course detected the umbrella inside my bag so the airport officer asked me if I can just go back to the check-in counter and have my umbrella checked-in.  I told her that I have a travel lite booking and that I will be charged with 400 pesos for just an umbrella.  I asked her if she can just consider me bringing my umbrella since it was just small.  She told me that it's an airport regulation so she can't do anything about it.  Ok fine, if it's the regulation then I don't want to argue about that.

Still taking my chances on my umbrella, I asked the airport officer if I can still get my umbrella when I'll be back two days after ... of course she said no, since it is already confiscated.  I rest my case and just said good bye to my umbrella, my ever dependable umbrella.

So on my next flight, I won't put my umbrella and any liquid 100 ml and more inside my hand carried bag. 


  1. Thanks for the tip, I'll keep that in mind on my next travel :-)

  2. Oh my! That was harsh! P400 for an umbrella? Totally insane! Why would they do such a thing? Esp. without advanced notice. *sigh*

  3. Thanks for the tip sis. pero kakagigil sila (CEB)

  4. that's exactly what happened on my husband's latest trip.. they need to get back to the check in counter again just to deposit the umbrella... what's with the umbrella anyway?

  5. thanks for this informative post :)

  6. Wow, thanks for the info. I had a problem with liquids when we went to Bangkok. The guard manning the x-ray machine saw my nuderm supreme skincare creams and toners and took them out. I immediately said NO, those are expensive! :) They are! He said it's ok, it's ok. He placed the bottles and jars in a ziplock bag and put them back in my carryon. Whew!

    The Twerp and I

  7. I had the same experience.
    Legazpi - Manila flight.
    My umbrella was declined in my Hand carry baggage but good thing Cebu Pacific did not charge me anything even I don't have a check in pre baggage.=)

    Another experience with Legazpi Airport.

    The Airport Officer insisted to confiscate my alcohol even if its only 50ml.(poor alcohol)
    But when its my friend turn, the AO saw her perfume that cost around 3k-5k.
    Obviously the AO said that we should leave the perfume their.
    My friend told the AO
    ''Sige iiwan ko yan, pero inumin mo yan ngayon sa harap ko."
    Funny but effective the AO let her bring her perfume inside the plane.=)

  8. Same to my experience in 2011 at naia. But now (2015), I don't know, it's so confusing. I read the CARRY-ON BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE, its stated that only "long and big umbrellas" are not allowed... please check the link below. Does anybody know, if the short-folded umbrella is still not allowed? Thank you.