Saturday, October 23, 2010

Entrecard Review

I joined a few months ago not knowing what to expect but after just a few days my blog's traffic increased.  I was happy and excited. Furthermore, I've learned that the site is easy to navigate, locating blogs with similar theme to mine is easy, advertising on other blogs is possible by using only entrecard credits and if you have multiple blogs, you can register them all.

However, they say every good thing has a drawback and is no exception.  If you have multiple blogs, you need to provide different e-mail address for each blog, which is inconvenient and tedious.  Earning entrecard credits also takes time so it's good to know that from time to time they hold promos to make it easier for members to earn additional credits.

Right now, they have a promo which entitles the member to earn extra 5,000 credits.  Wow, that's cool.  So common, what are you waiting for?  Join now before the promo ends on November 1, 2010.  Click here to know more about entrecard's latest promo.


  1. new to entrecard here. just dropping by though. nice blog

  2. Really? I didn't know about that drawback. Nice post, keep it up. :)

  3. ang laki ng benepisyo ng entrecard sa akin. it made me establish my blog, and helped me find a blogging community as well. :)

    thanks for dropping by!

  4. Hi, there! Thanks for dropping by my site. I have multiple blogs in a single Entrecard Account. Here is how I did it---->

    Hope this would help. God bless!