Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We Have a Bed Weather Today

I woke up early this morning only to find out that it's still raining outside, still the effect of typhoon "Juan".  It's been raining here in Metro Manila since last night.  Typhoon "Juan" is not only a strong typhoon but it also  has a large coverage area.  Metro Manila is miles away from Isabela and Cagayan provinces where the eye of the typhoon is centered but still we experience the typhoon's wrath.  It's good that early preparation were made for this super typhoon resulting in a minimal number of casualties (as per the initial report).

Speaking about bed weather, it's really a bed weather today, it's cold and I felt so lazy to get up and get ready for work.  My husband also feels the same so instead of getting ready for work, we just turned on the radio and listened to the latest weather update and announcement for classes suspension.

My son's class was suspended but my daughter's class was not suspended so we have no choice but to get up and prepare her for school.  Just like any ordinary weekdays, we had our breakfast early and took our daughter to school but instead of going to work, we went back home and went back to bed.  It's so relaxing to just snuggle in bed with my husband and son enjoying the cool breeze coming from the open window.  Our daughter joined us in the afternoon after their classes were suspended at around 12 o'clock noon. 

It's really good to take advantage of the bad weather and just stay at home and have some fun with the family. 


  1. hehehe catchy kaayo ang bed weather nga title.

  2. Hahaha ... oo nga ano? See na-curious ka. Anyway, I'm really used to say bed weather when it's raining because I just want to stay in bed when the weather's not good.

  3. sorry about the bad weather that comes your way but i hope it's all behind you now. have a wonderful week.

  4. Life Ramblings, yes I hope good weather will be back soon but as per the weather's bureau today, another typhoon is threatening to enter the country.