Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our Company's Halloween Celebration

Children toured around the office for the trick or treat event
It’s the end of October once again and Halloween celebrations are just everywhere … malls, subdivisions, villages, schools … there’s just a lot of Halloween celebrations going out there.

Here in our office, it’s been 5 years since the company started holding this celebration.  Children of employees, 12 years old and below are allowed to roam around the office area with their costumes doing their trick or treat on each department.

At first, the celebration was just a simple giving of treats to the children but later on, efforts were put on this celebration and decorations were prepared for the children to enjoy … or be scared?  The creativity of each department was also showcased because prizes were given to departments who have created the most attention grabbing decorations.

This year, the theme is about sci-fi movies.

X-men, 4th floor's entry (a team effort by electrical, instrument and mechanical departments)

X-men characters ready for action

Ready for action girls?

4th floor's treat for the children

Avatar, 5th floor's entry (joint effort of civil and OIT departments)

Camera ready avatars
Star Wars, 6th floor's entry (Piping and OEDM departments)

Star Wars' characters

More Star Wars characters

6th floor's treat for the children

Kingkong, 7th floor's entry (HRD and finance departments)

Jurassic Park, 8th floor's entry (Process and PJO departments)
Many children were present during this event and this time the children relaxed a little compared to previous years where the theme was more scary and a little too much for little children to handle.  My children should have enjoyed this event but they were not able to come ... too bad ... but it's okay, this coming weekend there will be another trick or treat at our place.

The winning entry for this year's halloween celebration is none other than our very own entry, X-men.  At last, our team made it on top, thanks to the dedication and creativity of our young engineers and secretaries who really gave their time and effort in preparing all those displays.

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