Friday, October 8, 2010

It's My Husband's Birthday

Today is Andrew's birthday.  Happy Birthday papa ... you and the kids are the best gift God has given me.  I love you and I'll always will.

We planned to take a whole day leave at the office today but later on we decided to just meet after office hours.  However, I took an afternoon leave at the office so I have some time to buy a birthday gift for my husband but I just can't decide what to give him ... I'm not really good at buying and giving gifts ... I ended up buying some things for myself ...ha ha ha.

It's good that he left his office earlier so we have time to shop together.  I let him choose what he wanted for his birthday ... so problem solved, I have bought him a gift which he likes and definitely he will use.

After a little shopping, we had our dinner at Tony Roma's.  Andrew loves steaks ... and treating him to a tenderloin steak at Tony Roma's was a real treat for him.

Great food ... great view.

Mouth-watering medium rare tenderloin steak with baked potatoes and mixed vegetables.

After our dinner we went home immediately because the kids are calling and are asking why we did not bring them to dinner with us. Well, we're a little guilty but sometimes it's nice to have a little time just for ourselves.  Anyway we'll be having an extended celebration of my husband's birthday on weekend together with the kids.


  1. Happy birthday to your hubby!! Tony Roma's sound like a great birthday treat. Once in a while, both of you need couple time together. :)

  2. @ EastCoastLife,

    Thanks for the greetings.

    Yes, you're right, couples should spend some time together to strengthen the relationship ... it's not only good for us but to the kids as well.