Sunday, October 17, 2010

Typhoon Juan

Satellite image of typhoon Juan released by PAGASA on Oct. 17, 2010 at 5 AM
Typhoon Juan internationally known as typhoon Megi is expected to make a landfall at the northen part of the Philippines on Monday morning, this is as per PAGASA (Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration), the nation's weather bureau.  The typhoon is expected to be a strong one with a maximum sustained wind of 160 KPH at the center.

Typhoons just like any other natural calamities are out of our control ... the only thing we can do is to be well prepared.  And speaking of being prepared, it's good to know that as early as yesterday, local government units especially those who are expected to be directly hit by typhoon Juan are doing preparations to somehow keep the damage to life and properties  to a minimum as possible.  Watching the news last night, food and water are stacked at the evacuation centers, lifeboats are being prepared, crops were harvested, livestocks are transferred to safe areas and people living at danger areas (prone to landslide and flood) were being requested to evacuate.

Of course there are still others who are hard headed, those who refuse to be evacuated because no one will look after their houses/properties.  Wow, material things are important than their lives ...what kind of thinking is that?  I understand that properties are important to us because it took time and lots of effort to accumulate all those things, but common, we won't enjoy those things if we're not already around.  I hope these kind of thinking for some people would change and just cooperate with their local authorities for smoother, easier and effective disaster management. 

Here in Metro Manila, as of this writing, the sun is up and no hint of any typhoon (it's because were our of the typhoon's path) but just the same here at home, we are preparing.  Emergency lamps are charged, food supplies are checked, we regularly monitor the weather update and most of all pray.  Yes, the best weapon we have for times like this is prayer.

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