Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Busy Week at the Office

This is a busy week at the office, not mainly because of work related issues but because of the additional activity in preparation for our department Christmas party which will be held on Wednesday, December 15.   It’s good that our company Christmas party was already over so we can concentrate in the preparation for our department Christmas party.
Christmas parties are becoming complicated nowadays in our office.  Instead of just a simple dinner with some games or videoke and exchange gifts which give us time to associate with our colleagues without the stress of work related activities, our party becomes a competition.
There are four teams in our department and each team has to prepare something to present in our Christmas party.   This is a contest so prizes are at stake and everyone wanted to win so here is now the exciting part, the practice.
 We have to stay at the office after office hours for the practice.  Sometimes we have to stay up to 8 o’clock while the others still stay up to 11 o’clock just to finish some of the costumes/things to be used in the presentation.  Haaay, why do they have to make this party so complicated?  They say it’s only for fun but how can you have fun if you are stressed out with all these preparations.  Oh, maybe I’m just the one being stressed out here, our young colleagues seem to enjoy all these activities. 
Sometimes I’m thinking of not attending our department Christmas party but I already skipped our company Christmas party so it would be so stubborn of me not to attend this one.
Anyway, there is only one day left and this will be over.  We’ll just do whatever we can and just enjoy the party.


  1. Oh my! I remember the days when I used to take part in office party celebrations. But eventually, when I earned enough leave credits, I filed for my yearly leave usually during the holiday season. With my unused vacation leave and 5 day forced leave, plus the official holiday schedules, I was practically away the whole month of December. Tutoo yan! I had plenty of time to focus on my family's own celebration, buy gifts, etc.

    I know what you mean by the occasion becoming a full-blown competition. Because the minute I step into the office after my vacation, some of my officemates are already gossiping on how the "contest" was "rigged"; or how the winners were undeserving, etc. etc.

    Mind you, I'm no "Scrouge" -- but I just don't miss that part of my history as a corporate employee :)

  2. minsan nakakamiss din ung mga activities dyan sa jphil.... those were the days hehehe

    have a merry xmas and happy new year mamu grasya :)