Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I want A Simple but Memorable and Meaningful Christmas Celebration

Nativity scene at our children's school

It’s December once again and in a few days time, it will be Christmas day. 
Of all the holidays in a year, Christmas day is my most favorite one.  As a believer and follower of Christ, celebrating His birthday is the most special day for us.  He is the ultimate reason why we celebrate this season.  We have every reason to look forward for this day to celebrate and be happy because our King was born … but sad to say nowadays, a lot of people view Christmas as a stressful and extravagant occasion.   Blame it on today’s too much commercialism.  Too much emphasis is put on material things.  Notice a lot of advertisements nowadays … Christmas won’t be complete without this or that … haaaay.  From decorations, to parties, to gift giving, everyone wants to have the best.
Call me old-fashioned, but I love the simple celebration we used to have in the old days.  The simple decorations which highlights the nativity, the simple dish shared by the whole family, attending mass on Christmas Day and watching the story of Nativity being portrayed by local artists at the town plaza for free.  What made these simple activities enjoyable and memorable was the presence of all family members.  I seldom receive Christmas gifts back then but I never mind, having my loved ones around me celebrating Christmas day was already enough to make my day.
This is the kind of Christmas celebration I want my children to grow with.  I want them to value more on the presence of their loved ones and not on material things, to be grateful for whatever gifts they receive irregardless of the price tag and to have a generous heart so they will learn to give without expecting something in return.


  1. Media has bombarded us with advertisements to bring across the message that christmas is about material things - the more people buy, the more business who'll advertise - the more income for them.

    that's a sad thing because people tend to forget that the best christmas gift they could ever receive was given to them centuries ago - when Jesus Christ was born.