Monday, December 13, 2010

It’s Performance Appraisal Once Again

It’s the end of the year once again and in our company it’s time for performance appraisal.  Yes, our company has this yearly performance appraisal for all employees.  The management had developed a certain criteria where the immediate supervisor of an employee rates her/him based on the standards which were also set by the management.
For a company of more or less 800 employees, it’s a little tedious process but somehow the management had already put the system at work.  The result of the performance appraisal is discussed by the team manager with the employee usually at the first week of December, just before the release of performance bonus.  The amount an employee receives is based on his/her performance appraisal.
Actually this bonus depends on the company’s earnings for the year.  They may or may not give this bonus but so far with the seven years of my stay here, they have given us this performance bonus yearly.  Yes, even last year when the business was not good.
Personally I don’t really put so much emphasis on this performance appraisal thing.  With or without performance appraisal I just do my job as what is expected of me and as much as possible I follow all the company’s rules and regulations … I only have one weakness though, and that is on tardiness.  Well, what can we expect?  With the kind of transportation system here in Metro Manila, it’s really hard to comply with our company’s regulations on tardiness.   I may have my reasons for not complying with this company’s regulation but rules are rules and as long as I’m connected with this company I have to live by their rules. 
Anyway, this year’s performance appraisal for me is better than what I have expected.  Got a low rating on punctuality issues but it was balanced by other criteria so overall I still got an above average rating. 

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