Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our Saturday Family Day

It's Saturday once again and it's time to have fun with the whole family.  This time we went to the mall to treat my mother-in-law ... as promised and also to do a little shopping for the coming Christmas party at the office and at my children's school.

It's always our habit to visit the mall during their opening hours to avoid the crowd in the afternoon until closing time, especially this Christmas season when most people are going to the mall to do their Christmas shopping.  This way we can also avoid traffic jams and the difficulty in finding a parking space.

We arrived at the mall at around 11 o'clock in the morning and it's almost lunch time so we decided to take our lunch first.  Hubby and I planned to treat Mamu and the kids to Mini Shabu Shabu at Bonifacio High Street at Global City.  The restaurant just opened when we got there and there are still no customers so we were served with our orders immediately.  It was another new experience for Mamu and the kids.  My daughter enjoyed the idea of cooking the food on our table and even requested to try it again in the future.

Having our lunch at Mini Shabu Shabu
As usual, the children finished their food earlier and  while waiting for us to finish they went out of the restaurant and did some sight seeing outside.  Global High Street is a nice place, they got wide areas for children to just run around and enjoy.

Look at what the children enjoyed while waiting for us outside the restaurant.  My daughter enjoyed taking pictures with his brother having some fun with cute little dogs walked around by their owners.  My daughter's afraid of dogs so she just contented herself with taking the pictures at a distance.

At first CJ was afraid to touch the dogs
A little later, he was already starting to touch the dog.  His favorite is the one wearing green clothing just like him.
It's time for the dogs to go.  Bye, bye doggies.  Really cute ones.
We can actually see the children from where we were sitting inside the restaurant so we just relaxed and tried to continue our lunch while watching the children enjoying themselves outside.  The weather's good and it's not that sunny so even if it's already noon, it's not that hot.

We went back to Market Market mall after our lunch and aside from the gifts we bought for the exchange gift, I bought little items for my colleagues involved in our project and also for the classmates of my children and of course we also bought something for Mamu.  She loves shoes and that's what she always ask for her birthday.  Anyway she's not into pricey ones so it's not really a problem on the budget.

Around 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon, we're already done with our little shopping and so we went home and just took a rest for the rest of the afternoon.

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