Saturday, December 4, 2010

It’s Saturday Today and A Regular Working Day At The Office

It’s Saturday today and not like any other Saturdays, today is a regular working day for us at the office.  Normally our regular working day is only from Monday to Friday but today management declared it to be a working day in exchange of our working day on Friday next week.  That means, we will have a long weekend next week … yehey!  This decision by our management was based on the schedule of our Christmas party celebration which will be held on Thursday next week.  This is to give employees a time to rest after the party.
As much as possible I don’t want to work on a Saturday because my children expect this day (and also Sunday) to be a family day.  They expect papa and mama to be off from work and them, also off from school.  So when my daughter saw me getting ready for work this morning she’s a little disappointed and she asked immediately her father if he is also going to the office … oh what a big relief when he answered no.  So it’s a family day today at home without me.
Commuting from home to office on a Saturday is a little comfortable.  Commuters are not that many compared during regular days, so it is easier to get a jeepney ride, however traffic is still present.  Our travel from Bicutan to Alabang via SLEX (South Luzon Express Way) was slow, maybe because of the additional volume of cars going out of town.  Anyway, I reached our office safe and sound and that is what is more important.
At the office, many colleagues filed their leave so they don’t have to report today.  Lucky them, they still have a lot of leave credits left.  For me, I only have one leave credit left and I’m reserving it for my children’s family day (also Christmas party) at school so no choice, I have to report today.
The good thing about working today is that our work is more relaxed because our counterpart in Japan is on their weekend vacation so we’re focused working on our scheduled task for the day.  There are no calls coming from them giving additional instructions or asking for drawings to be submitted.   

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  1. I did have to work some Saturdays before and I did not like it much