Monday, September 26, 2011

Family Meal Time

Today is the fourth Monday of September declared as the "National Famealy Day".  This is an advocacy started by Lucky Me to remind families of the importance of family meal time.

We believe in this advocacy and to show our support, we had a simple yet relaxing family dinner this evening.  We shared on the simple fish and vegetable dish prepared by hubby. 

Famealy Day or not, we try our best to share meal times with our children.  This is one of our family bonding time where our children feels they are loved and that they mean a lot to us more than anything else.


  1. sigh we were not able to participate this time, my eldest were too busy and we have to buy things from the mall. My youngest was left at home with my sister. Just came here to visit.
    Sahm’s Online Diary

  2. You are so right about that. We sit everyday with our granddaughter for a meal and some sharing.

  3. looks like the whole family is enjoying....