Monday, September 5, 2011

I Need a New Flat Iron and Ironing Board

I need to press my husband's office clothes and my children's school uniforms but look at what happened to our ironing board and flat iron ... they are good as junks.

If I'm not mistaken, I just bought these ironing board and flat iron just a year ago and I bought this heavy duty type ironing board hoping that it will last a long time but look at this now ... well what can you expect, house helpers don't pay for these things so they don't take good care of these.  Texting while ironing or chatting with other house helpers ... nobody knows but I don't think this damage to the ironing board will be this much if your are just using it properly.  The ironing board can't even stand properly because the joints were damaged ... I don't know how my house helper used this, she did her ironing every time we're at the office and she did not complain or told me about this either.

Well, I can't do anything now but just discard these flat iron and ironing board, I don't want to use these, it will just ruin the clothes I'm going to press.  It's time for a new flat iron and ironing board.


  1. sometimes househelpers are not really that responsible enough to take care of the things they are using.

    hope you can have a new one soon!

  2. same here, i also discover the things that my helpers have done after they've left...

  3. and NEW house helper I suggest lol!