Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Fish

At last, after a month I was able to clean our aquarium.  The water was already dirty since it's been a few weeks after I cleaned the filter.  The children sometimes put so much fish food which makes the water dirty faster.

Hubby took a whole day leave yesterday to attend to our daughter's school activity.  I can't attend because I have a sore eyes ... my son got it first, then my daughter and now it's me ... haaay life, despite of all the precautions I made, I was still infected with this sore eyes.  Anyway, since my husband attended to our children's activities at school, I have time to do extra chores aside from the routine work I'm doing everyday since our house helper left.

I was thinking of just replacing the water but when I saw that the stones and the filter itself is already dirty, I cleaned the whole aquarium first before replacing the water.  It took me two hours to clean all parts of the aquarium.  It was tiring but it's worth it because our aquarium now is clean and the fish seemed to enjoy it. 

I think I have to schedule a regular clean-up of our aquarium ... the fish are more healthy and it is more enjoyable to look at them through clean and clear water.

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