Thursday, September 8, 2011

Household Chores I Don't Love

Dirty clothes waiting to be washed.
Of all the household chores that I need to accomplish, doing the laundry is the least I want to do.  It's the most tiresome chore that sucks all my energy and most of all it makes my hands dry and rough. 

Without a household helper, I have no choice but to do our laundry otherwise we'll run out of clean clothes to wear.

Using a washing machine is a big help but for small clothes and clothes with thin fabrics, I prefer to wash them by hands.  So everyday, I try to hand wash few items but still the dirty clothes keep on piling so I asked my husband for help and he agreed that we will both do the laundry for big items on weekend ... haaay, it's so good to have an understanding husband who is willing to help on the household chores.  It just makes my life as a stay-at-home-mom-without-a-household-helper becomes easier.


  1. It is really rare for a husband to help especially on laundry, you are so lucky indeed. BTW just visiting you here, I hope you can dropped at my blog too.
    SAHM’s Online Diary

  2. I don't have a household helper too. And I dislike doing the laundry. But I am lucky to have a son who does it for me twice a week and sometimes cook. And my husband helps out with the sweeping and mopping whenever he can. :D

    Aren't we lucky to have such helpful guys around?

  3. you are so blessed to have an understanding husband. I am also a stay at home mom but I usually don't do the chores because I focused on our little is really hard doing all the chores all at once...

  4. I'm also a stay at home mom without a household helper and I have 5 children. So just imagine the pile of laundry. Thank God really that somebody invented the washing machine.

  5. Sis, youre lucky to have a supportive husband! =) That's unusual bonding activity for couple, sharing load hand in hand...hehe