Monday, May 17, 2010

A Crazy Weekend

Last weekend my husband planned to go to Tagaytay to break-in our car. He is just a new driver, actually he just got his non-professional driver’s license last week. He took a 10 hour driving lesson from A1 Driving School last December, but we only had our car last month.

He was supposed to meet his cousin to accompany him with his first time out of town drive.

For me and my kids, we will just stay at home and enjoy each other’s company. It’s a weekend and it’s our time to have some bonding moments, just play around, watch tv or just listen to my youngest son talking even though sometimes we can’t understand what he is talking about (he’s just 3 years old and he still can’t manage to speak a clear sentence).

Our day should have been perfect when my husband called and said that he had an accident on the road. I was really nervous while he was speaking but was relieved when he told me that everything’s fine, nobody was hurt, it’s just that our car was damaged. I felt a little discomfort thinking that our car was just 3 weeks old, but what can we do, it already happened and I am just thankful that my husband is fine and no one was hurt. Anyway the car is covered by insurance and now we can test the reliability of our insurance company.

After getting the police report needed for the insurance claim, my husband and his cousin still managed to drive out of town but instead of Tagaytay they went North and reached San Fernando, Pampanga. They just ate their lunch at one of the malls there and returned back to Manila.

Back home, I still have my bonding moments with my kids but from time to time I was worried about my husband, negative thoughts just keeps popping on my mind. I was only relaxed when he arrived home safe and sound.

Haaaaay, worries……it really stressed me that day.

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