Friday, May 21, 2010

“Healthy By Choice” by Cynthia Llantada

I was browsing on the bookstore shelves for something interesting to read when I chanced upon this thin, soft bound book entitled “Healthy By Choice” written by Cynthia Llantada.

The author is a breast cancer survivor and what is interesting about her is that she survived the deadly disease without undergoing a chemotherapy or radiation. Yes, you read it right…without chemotherapy or radiation.

So to find out how she did it, I bought the book. I was really intrigued at how she battled cancer without undergoing chemotherapy. This is the first time I heard of a cancer patient who survived the disease without the use of this modern technology.

After reading “Healthy By Choice”, I was really amazed at how Ms. Llantada fought her battle. She is really a fighter and she didn’t let cancer consume her. She did her own research and consulted not only from doctors practicing conventional medicine but also those who practice alternative medicine. She made her choices and she did not let her doctors decide for her. She highlighted the importance of knowing the root cause of her disease which lead to her effective treatment.

Ms. Llantada made me realize that indeed, being healthy is a matter of choice. If we want to be at the prime of our health, we should aim and work for it. Lifestyle modification is required and self discipline is a must.

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