Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Family First / Danvil Insurance Maturity Claim

Last March 18, 2010 my insurance policy from Danvil Plans matured. Yes, after 10 years of charging from my credit card, I can now claim my money back with the corresponding interest. Yay.......... it also means I am 10 years older now.

I went to Danvil office at Equitable Bank Tower in Paseo de Roxas, Makati last March 20, 2010 and filed for a Maturity Benefit Claim. They asked me of the following requirements:

a. Duly Accomplished Maturity Claim Processing Form – I filled up this form at their office

b. Certificate of Full Payment – this was printed from their record

c. The original copy of my Family First Future Provider Plan (Face Page only)

d. Original Copy of Policy Contract

e. Statement of Account – this was printed from their record

f. Present two valid ID’s, in my case I presented my company ID and SSS digitized ID.

Of course I had brought all my documents so I was able to give them the requirements that same day.

After receiving all my documents, they gave me a claim form. It is indicated that I can claim the proceeds on May 24, 2010. It’s a 45 working days processing, but the person in charge also told me to make a follow-up on the last week of April.

Fast forward …. I called their office first week of May and the person on the line informed me that my check is now ready for pick-up. Wow, they are fast ha.

I picked-up the check last May 7 and I deposited it in my bank account. By the way, you have to present a cedula (residence certificate) and two valid ID’s upon claiming your check. After 3 days of clearing, I was able to get my money. I was really relieved because I have read some negative feedbacks regarding Danvil and yet I did not bother to withdraw my money.

So this only proves that Danvil is a legitimate insurance company, Danvil is not a scam, it’s just that their way of marketing their product is annoying. I just smile whenever I remember how I was convinced in buying their product.

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  1. My husbands insurance will mature next year, where do we go to claime it? There office in southmall was close.