Monday, May 10, 2010

Election 2010 Experience - Ususan Taguig

After falling in line for almost 5 hours, thanks God, I finished casting my vote at exactly 12:00 noon.

My feet really ached. I felt like all my strength was taken.....maybe not just because of the long line but because of so much heat...yes, it's really hot. It's good that I brought a jug of water, fan and towel. It really pays to be prepared.

My husband and I arrived at the voting center at around 7:30 in the morning and there are already a lot of people outside and inside the school. You know... typical election where a lot of people are outside the school giving leaflets.

We already know our precinct number because we already searched it on-line (my husband and I have different precinct number), the only problem is that precinct numbers are combined into clusters so we still have to find what cluster number our precincts are located. In fairness, the Comelec posted at the entrance of the school, a directory on the cluster numbering and what building inside the school it is located but since we are not familiar with the school's orientation, we spent some time looking for our voting center (it is really advisable to visit the school where you will be voting, a day before the election).

When I found the room where I was supposed to vote, the line of voters was already long. I traced the end of the line and I found it at the ground floor. Imagine, my voting center is on the 3rd floor and the end of line was on the ground floor....hooh....patience....patience...and more of it.

Because of so much heat and long lines of voters which is very slow moving, some were irritated and started on shouting at some of the volunteers who are watching the lines... it's really hard on the side of the volunteers because there are lots of people who are really hard-headed and wanted to cut in line. In this case, each voter should be very vigilant on his surroundings and should be mindful of the person before and after him, the volunteers can't really check all the time.

All the hardships that we encountered were erased when we had casted our votes and the machine accepted our ballots. Yes!!!!!!!! I accomplished one of my obligations to my country. I love the Philippines and this is one way of showing it. GOD bless the Philippines.


  1. I cant imagine how long you've waited before you get to vote. My husband and I went to our precinct after lunch around 1:30PM and finished voting by 3:00PM.
    Thanks for dropping and linking to my blog Engr. Grace. I have so high respects for engineers. Nice blog po.
    Use keywords. Lotsa lotsa keywords ^_^ Keep on repeating the "Pinoy Mom" on your description and labels of each blog posts. Just my two cents...

  2. Ms. Lhen,

    Thanks for the advice...I need that. God bless.