Saturday, July 3, 2010

Office Policy on Tardiness

My time sheet for the month of June is frustrating. I have 2 late arrivals for the first half and 4 late arrivals for the second half of the month. Wow, I have 6 late arrivals for the month of June. I am an early riser and I leave our house as early as 6:30 AM so it’s really frustrating to arrive at work late. For the past few months since I went back to work after my two-month maternity leave last March, this was not the case, maybe because it’s vacation time and traffic was manageable. School opening started 2nd week of June so no wonder traffic is everywhere again.

Our office has strict policy on tardiness. Our office hours starts at 8:00 o’clock AM so 8:00 or earlier, we should be in the office. No grace period, whatsoever. Once you swiped your card at 8:01, you are already late for 1 minute and will be deducted a 15 min pay, you swipe at 8:16 and you will be deducted a 30 min. pay….and so on. It’s a 15 minute cut-off, already programmed in our computer system. I don't know why this is the case but no one questioned it.

Aside from the salary deduction we get for being late, we are also required to fill-out an explanation form if we exceed three late arrivals in a month, so in my case for the month of June, I’m already a candidate for an explanation letter. Once my department manager is not satisfied with my explanation, he will recommend a disciplinary action based on the company’s Code of Discipline. I’m just hoping that our department manager would be considerate enough to consider my explanations.

Actually, many of my colleagues especially mothers are not favorable with this company policy… with the kind of transportation system here in Metro Manila, you can’t really tell how much time you need to reach your destination. Many had tried to appeal this policy but to no avail, the management only made it stricter. The original scheme is maximum of 4 late arrivals in a month but they lowered it to three when many appealed for a grace period. Their reason is that, we are professionals and part of being professional is being disciplined. Ok fine….so be it, case closed.

This month I should leave our house earlier, maybe 15 minutes earlier and I’ll see what happens. Hope it works.

I have to adjust to meet our company’s policy and it means a little sacrifice on my time with my children…our breakfast time together will be cut short and I will have to leave earlier than my husband which means he will be the one to walk our daughter to school…haaay…the down side of being an 8 to 5 employee.

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