Monday, July 19, 2010

Akari Reachargeable Lamp with Fan and Radio

Last June, we were looking for some household products at ACE Hardware when we chanced upon their display of rechargeable lamps.  I remember, it's already June and rainy season will be starting anytime soon.  This is the season where power failures are common and it is just practical to have emergency lights on a stand-by. 

There are lots of choices for the emergency lights displayed but we settled for the Akari brand which also comes with a fan and an AM/FM radio.  It's a little bit pricey but considering the additional features, it's worth it.  For the manual of this product, please click here.

Recently, we tested the effectivity of our new purchase when typhoon "Basyang" hit Metro Manila leaving us with damaged power lines which caused a twenty hour brown-out in our area. 

We used the rechargeable lamp, fan and radio for eighteen hours, of course not using all the features at the same time, two features at a time is the most.  We are thankful that before the rechargeable unit was drained, the power supply in our area was restored.

Having bought the Akari rechargeable lamp with fan and radio was really a wise decision especially if you have small kids at home.  The use of candles which are the number one source of fire during brown-outs was eliminated.

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