Sunday, July 11, 2010

My travel buddy

Everyday I use public transportation in going to/from the office.  From our house to my office, I have to take 3 jeepney rides and 1 tricycle ride and in between these rides, I have to walk a little distance from one ride to another. Sometimes I have to run after a jeepney just to have a ride.  Yes, there are still areas in Metro Manila where taking public transportation is a pain in the ass.  I'll try to get some video and post it here sometime.

Before, I used to travel wearing high-heeled shoes, well, not really that high, I'm only used to wearing 1 inch to 1 and 1/2 inches heels but with the kind of travel that I am into everyday, it was really a big discomfort.  I remember getting blisters on my foot making it hard to walk normally.  Aside from those blisters, I easily get tired walking a few distance.

To get rid of those travel discomforts and somehow make my everyday travel a little enjoyable, I decided to wear walking shoes instead and just wear my high-heeled shoes at the office.  It's good that we have an individual cabinet at our office and I just leave my office shoes there.  It really brought a big change on my everyday travel.

The shoes shown above is my new purchase, it's my third pair of walking shoes.  Actually that's a replacement of my first pair which already gave in to my everyday travel.  I maintain two pairs of walking shoes at a time, that is to use them alternately within a week so I can use them a little longer.  This time, I bought a little priced brand, Hush Puppies.  I never had a shoes from this brand before but when I fitted one, it is lightweight and soft inside, my feet are really comfortable wearing them so I never had second thoughts in buying them.

I just wonder if the shoes can endure longer the harshness of my everyday travel.  I'll find that out in a few months time.

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