Monday, July 5, 2010

CJ's 4th Birthday

July 4, a day special for the American's a special day commemorating their independence day.  To all my American friends, happy independence day to all of you.

This day is also special for our family because it's my son's birthday.  Yes it's CJ's birthday and he turns four years old this year.  Time flies so fast, it's just like yesterday when I gave birth to him, so small and so fragile but look at him now, so energetic and full of life.  If given the chance, he loves to run and run and run.

To make this day special for our little boy, we invited our relatives to join us for a simple celebration at our place.  My husband cooked Igado (an Ilocano specialty which is his specialty) and pancit (canton noodles).  Pancit or spaghetti is always present in any birthday celebration, Filipino style.  It signifies long life, as what I heard from old folks.  As an additional treat for children, we served hotdogs, fruit salad and my brother brought some ice cream.  Oh I forgot about the cake, my son equates birthdays with blowing the candles on the cake so it's really a must for us to buy a cake.

We occupied a space at our subdivision's clubhouse so there is enough space for the children to play and later they were not able to resist the temptation of taking a dip in the pool.  It was really a lovely day and the children enjoyed their bonding moments.  CJ was very happy and satisfied at how his birthday was celebrated.

The birthday boy (wearing red polo shirt with black lines) with his ate and cousins.

                                  The children just don't get tired of running.
                      At the playground taking their rest before dipping in the pool.

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