Sunday, July 18, 2010

Taking a Much Needed Rest

Last Friday I was not able to report for work.  I had a headache, fever which reached to 39.2 deg. Celcius and my muscles ached.  The night before, I already had a headache and I thought it was just another migraine attack so I slept earlier thinking that I would be okay the next morning.

Friday morning I woke up still having a terrible headache and this time, it was accompanied by fever and muscle pain.  I felt terrible that morning so I just stayed in bed.

The whole day I did nothing but stay in bed and sleep, drink a lot of water, eat fruits especially the citrus ones and took Bioflu, an over-the-counter anti-flu drug.

Taking the much needed rest and medication was effective that in the afternoon my fever subsided and my muscles did not ached anymore.  My head was a little bit heavy but this time it was tolerable.  The next day I was already okay and I was able to do some light household chores so I did not bother to have a check-up with the doctor anymore.

I'm not sure if it was flu that hit me last Friday but the symptoms I experienced were that of a flu.  I just don't have a cough, stuffed nose and sore throat which are also symptoms of a flu.  And besides, I did not expect to be affected by flu this year because I had my anti-flu vaccine last June.  Anyway, as what the doctors usually reiterate, having a flu vaccine doesn't give a 100% guarantee that we can be flu free for the whole year since every year there are new strain of flu virus which are not included in the vaccine so it is really possible to be affected by flu even if we had our anti-flu shot.  The good thing is that, if ever we will contract the said virus, the effect would be minimal.

Well. whatever it was, I was thankful because I was forced to take a rest, my much needed rest after abusing my body for the past weeks, sleeping past midnight, eating a lot of meat, missing on my daily multivitamins and so on and so forth.

Most of the time, our body tells us to slow down but we tend to ignore it so we end up with sickness which are actually preventable.  I have learned my lesson and from now on, I'll try to listen to what my body tells me.

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