Friday, July 30, 2010

TGIF – It’s a Great Friday Indeed

Yes, it’s Friday… and not just an ordinary Friday, today is the last working day of the month of July. So, why I’m so happy? It is because I have only three late arrivals for this month and that means ... I made it this month ... I had complied with our company’s policy on late arrivals.

It was only second week of July when I already have 3 late arrivals so for the past two weeks, I’d been very cautious not to be late again until today. Thanks God, the traffic on my route to the office cooperated. I encountered less traffic on my way and of course I left our house 5 minutes earlier than my usual departure time. But I think the traffic was really lessened on my way to the office ... the usual problem areas which causes heavy traffic were already having a normal traffic flow ... thanks to the efforts of Taguig traffic police around Upper Bicutan Market. Their visibility around the area made the vendors stay away from the sidewalks and pedestrians walking on these sidewalks. Motorists now have the full access of the road.

On Monday it’s already August and my “early bird” challenge again begins. Anyway, I’ll just take each day at a time and hopefully I will have no more late arrivals this time.

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