Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another Price Increase for Meralco Consumers

I'm watching the news this morning and news about another price increase on our electricity bill is going to be implemented by Meralco this month.  It's just like a few months have passed since they implemented an increase and now they are again implementing another increase.

Their reason is that the Malampaya Powerplant was shut down since last week and repairs was made to this plant and the cost of the repair will be passed on to the consumers.  I really don't understand why all the costs incurred by these companies in repairing their powerplants, their transmission lines, substations , etc. are being passed on to the consumers ... what I understand is that, it will be another burden to us consumers who by the way are already burdened by all the prices of commodities which are going up these days.

Well, that's how life is, being dependent on all these utility companies.  We can voice out our grudges, they listen, but they continue with the increase anyway.  So, what's new?

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