Thursday, November 3, 2011

Back To School

After a week long vacation for the semestral break, it's back to school again for my children in grade school and pre-school.  Back to the normal activities of bringing and fetching the children to school, preparing their food, checking on their assignments if they have done it and so on and so forth.

Our week long vacation was just spent here at home, doing some cleaning and organizing some stuff.  The children had fun doing their trick or treat activities here in our place.  It's a yearly activity they are looking forward every end of October.

Last November 1, just like any other years, instead of going to the cemetery and visit our departed loved ones, we just lighted a candle at home and prayed.  It's really hard to travel with children in tow during this season so it's better to just stay at home.

It's good that the children have taken their break and have relaxed a little because Christmas season is just around the corner and for sure they will be busy again preparing for all the activities they will be doing for their Christmas celebration in school.

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