Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Steamed Fish and Vegetables

Steamed lapu-lapu, okra and camote tops with sliced fresh tomato.
One of my reasons why I decided to be a full time mother is to make sure that my family eats healthy and since I started staying at home, one of the changes I made on our daily meal is the way we prepare food.

My children loves to eat fried foods but as we all know fried foods are not so good to our health so hubby and I introduced them to a more healthy steamed or grilled foods.

Personally, I prefer to steam foods because it is easier and faster to prepare and you get the full flavor of the meat, fish or vegetable.

One of my favorite fish to be steamed is the spotted grouper or lapu-lapu in filipino.  After drying the fish, I just rub it with salt, pepper and dried rosemary then wrap it in aluminum foil (banana leaf if available) and put it in a steamer.  After a few minutes, the fish is cooked and ready to be served.

To complete our meal, I serve this steamed lapu-lapu with steamed vegetables and steamed rice.  The children loves this dish minus the vegetables but at least they are already starting to love foods other than the fried ones.


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  2. Yummy. That's a mouth watering foods Momsy aside from the fact that it's very healthy:).