Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Get Discount on your Prepaid Loads

Are you a cellphone prepaid subscriber?  How much does your family spend on all your cellphone loads for a month?

In our family, hubby and I are both cellphone prepaid subscribers and the average prepaid load we buy every month is 600 pesos.

Two months ago, a friend introduced me to V-Mobile's LoadXtreme, an on-line one-stop shop where you can buy prepaid loads at a wholesale price.  With only 250 pesos (US $6) access fee, you will get a lifetime access to LoadXtreme's system and buy prepaid loads at a discount.  Please click here for a complete list of products LoadXtreme has to offer.

Without hesitation, I joined the LoadXtreme network and I'm glad I did because I get a 10% discount on all our prepaid load needs.  With our current monthly prepaid card expenses of 600 pesos, I get a 60 pesos discount monthly ... not much savings, you may think but if you sum it up for the whole year it can give us a free prepaid load for a month.  With all the prices of commodities going up nowadays, it's good to learn of some ways to save especially on our basic needs.

Since I can load all prepaid loads to all telecom networks, I told my neighbors that they can buy prepaid loads from me and I was surprised that I was able to sell more than 2000 pesos prepaid loads on my first month ... adding our own consumption, that was already enough to get back the 250 pesos access fee I had paid in joining LoadXtreme's network.

I'm really happy that I joined this LoadXtreme network and I invite you to join too. For personal discount or business purposes, V-Mobile's LoadXtreme can really help us.  This network is open to all Filipinos both here and abroad as long as you have a cellphone number from any telephone companies here in the Philippines.

If you are interested to join the LoadXtreme network just leave me a message or better yet visit my blog regarding LoadXtreme so you will have a better understanding of what V-Mobile's LoadXtreme is all about.


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